• VR / AR Business Video Trainings

    by  • 16.09.2016


    From September 5th to September 9th was the first VR Business Models training week in Frankfurt.

    To allow you access to this training anytime you want I recorded the first 3 of 5 training days and compiled a German speaking Video training course.

    The trainings will be available for purchase soon. If you are interested please subscribe to the Mailing list and enter training in the field “Special Interests”.
    I also plan an English version of this training. If interested please enter english training in the field “Special Interests”.

    You will get the slides as well as access to the recorded video with additional information.

    Training 1: VR/AR Business Model Creation (Video duration: 1:46:32 in 3 Parts)
    Training 2: VR/AR Analytics (Video duration: 1:23:15 in 3 Parts)
    Training 3: VR/AR User Experience Design (UX) (Video duration: 1:57:08 in 3 Parts)

    You also can book all 3 video trainings with a discount. The complete video duration is 05:06:55.

    If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Details of the video trainings: (more…)

    Virtual and Augmented Reality Business Models Training Week

    by  • 11.07.2016


    english below

    Verschaffen Sie sich mit der “Virtual and Augmented Reality Business Models Training Week” Ihren Wettbewerbsvorteil bei der Integration von Virtual und Augmented Reality in Ihre Business-Strategie!

    Vom 05.-09.September 2016 bietet Skilltower Institute eine Woche lang in Frankfurt am Main ein Intensivtraining rund um Business Cases mit Virtual und Augmented Reality an.

    In dieser Zusammenstellung und Bündelung ist das Training bislang einzigartig in Deutschland und verschafft Ihnen so in kurzer Zeit einen Vorsprung gegenüber Ihren Marktbegleitern.

    Als Teilnehmer

    • erhalten Sie einen Überblick über die nächsten drei Wellen des immersiven Computings VR, AR, USEMIR
    • erarbeiten Sie mögliche Virtual- und Augmented-Reality Business Modelle und Business Cases für ihr Unternehmen
    • lernen Sie, wie Virtual und Augmented Reality Analytics nutzen können, um Verhaltensdaten Ihrer Kunden im Rahmen ihrer Business Intelligence Strategie zu nutzen
    • erfahren Sie, welche Design Prinzipien für eine gute VR User Experience unerlässlich sind und wie Sie sich vor Ablehnung durch Ihre Kunden schützen können
    • erkunden Sie, wie Sie VR im Marketing nutzen
    • betrachten Sie, wie VR mit Public Relations und Journalismus zusammenspielt.

    Sie können jeden Tag einzeln buchen, oder Sie sparen durch Buchen des Business-Pakets (3 Tage) bzw. des Komplett-Pakets (5 Tage) und erhalten darüberhinaus gratis das Business-Bonus-Pack im Wert von 1.100,- Euro, mit welchem wir 10 indivuelle Business-Model-Ideen für Ihr persönliches Geschäft zusammenstellen.

    Sie können sich einfach und unverbindlich auf unserer Buchungswebsite über den genauen Ablauf informieren.

    Zusätzlich besteht für Sie die Möglichkeit, in unserem Webinar jeden Montag, Mittwoch und Freitag jeweils um 11:00 Uhr weitere Informationen über VR/AR Business, VR/AR Analytics und das Training zu erhalten.

    Für Ihre individuellen Fragen stehen wir Ihnen sehr gerne zur Verfügung.

    The Virtual Reality Analytics Book +++ now available +++ How VR and AR change Business Intelligence

    by  • 27.05.2016

    09.Cover.VRAnalyticsFinal6x9in_600x9009 industry experts share their knowledge with you about the leading edge subject of Virtual Reality Analytics – a new branch of Business Intelligence.

    “This dossier shows the game changing mechanisms of Virtual Reality Analytics in a fascinating way.”
    says Jan Tussing, Journalist and Silicon Valley Expert.

    Way more than traditional web shop analysis technology VR analytics promises to deliver even deeper insights into the consumer’s psyche. As powerful as immersive media itself are the new possibilities of gathering behavioural user data during VR experiences and utilizing them alongside traditional data warehouse information. VR is only the first of three visual computing waves heading our direction in the next several years. It is followed by the AR wave (Augmented Reality) and then the USEMIR wave (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality). Each wave will develop it’s own kind of specialized analytics enhancing today’s Business intelligence systems. And each wave will turn what we now call Big Data into even more Gigantic Data (GiganData). This dossier is co-authored by industry experts to allow you a first deeper look into the brave new world of Virtual Reality Analytics and beyond: Carsten Frisch, Chuck Ian Gordon, Krzysztof Izdebski, Petr Legkov, Maximilian C. Maschmann, Joerg Osarek, Alexander Scholz, Frank Sommerer, Kevin Williams.

    You can get these early insights now by ordering your personal copy of the book at:

    Print book: Amazon.de or Amazon.com
    Kindle eBook: Amazon.de or Amazon.com

    Other eBook Versions (epub) will be available within the next few weeks – so stay tuned.


    Virtual Reality Analytics – Keynote at DOAG 2015 Conference about the new Big Data discipline

    by  • 29.09.2015

    ChuckHolodeckSuit.1080x1080As we already predicted end of 2012 in our SoMoLo Dossier the Big Data market grew into a multi billion dollar business.

    Now within the Virtual Reality Boom the industry is at the edge of introducing several big player VR/MR headsets like Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, Sony Playstation VR (former project Morpheus) and the eye tracking fove ( getfove.com ) in 2016.

    This development makes clear that there will rise a new Business Intelligence discipline – Virtual Reality Analytics – with major chances and technical as well as cultural challenges for this new branch of data warehouse technology.

    Joerg Osarek, CEO of Skilltower Institute will give the BI-stream keynote titled: “Virtual Reality Analytics” at the DOAG Conference on 17th of November 2015 – 12:00 room OSLO – in Nuremberg.

    You can get some interview information (in German) at doag.org as well as the direct link to his keynote.

    Please check there for possible changes in location and schedule.

    Gordons Arcade at immersed Europe: Insights into cinematic VR

    by  • 08.09.2015

    Chuck Ian Gordon from Gordon’s Arcade – the Author of the cinematic VR formula – joined the pioneers of state of the art VR at the University of Murcia, Spain at the Immersed Europe, the first Event of the immersive technology alliance (ITA) in Europe, 3rd and 4th of September 2015.

    Chuck was on the panel on friday about “Immersive Tech in Public Exhibition” moderated by Neil Schneider, head of the ITA, together with Kevin Williams, CEO of KWP Limited
    and Jose Luis Navarro, CEO of InMediaStudio.

    He also shared his presentation “Insights into cinematic VR” on slideshare.net .

    There were lots of wonderful VR experiences including the Mission Impossible A400M VR flight captured in a 4K wallpaper with photo impressions of Immersed Europe.



    The Virtual Reality Boom – Cinematic VR puts you inside the movie

    by  • 12.06.2015

    03.Cover_CinematicVRFormulaVirtual Reality booms, especially “Cinematic VR” starts to get from an experimental stage closer to the production of real movies. Wether in 2D or in 3D immersive media like VR movies are offering the WOW effect of being inside a reality rather than just watching it from outside through a tiny window.

    There are many chances the creative VR community faces as well as many challenges of defining best practices, standards and guidelines for responsible VR storytelling and content creation.

    Skilltower Institute is involved in building cinematic VR production pipelines and helps managing the parts of VR-business, backend and automation. We help spreading know how to the VR community by supporting the book in production: “The cinematic VR Formula” (German: Die Cinematic VR Formel). Klick on the image to enlarge.

    It covers not all but many things worth knowing for producers and directors creating VR movies.

    More news can be found at:
    cinematic-vr-formula.com and cinematicvrformula.com
    cinematic-vr-formel.de and cinematicvrformel.de

    Zukunftschronik 2114 – Welche Botschaft schickst Du 100 Jahre in die Zukunft?

    by  • 08.11.2013

    [English article here]
    Viele Organisationen planen für das nächste Quartal oder das nächste Fiskaljahr. Wir planen für das nächste Jahrhundert.
    Zukunftsfinger.tv, Gordon’s Arcade und Skilltower Institute starten die 100-Jahre-Zeitkapsel für Deine Botschaft an die Zukunft.

    Unter dem Namen Zukunftschronik 2114 entsteht eine 100-jährige Webseite mit Visionen und Botschaften für das Jahr 2114 sowie eine Science Fiction Reportage, die ein Jahrhundert in die Vergangenheit blickt in das Jahr 2014. (more…)

    Future Chronicles 2114 – What message do you send 100 years into the future?

    by  • 08.11.2013

    [German article here]
    Many organizations plan for the next quarter or next fiscal year. We plan for the next century.
    Zukunftsfinger.tv, Gordon’s Arcade and Skilltower Institute just started the 100 year time capsule for your message to the future.

    We create a 100 year website with visions and video messages for the year 2114 as well as a motion picture science fiction report looking back a century at the year 2014. We call this project Zukunftschronik-2114 (future chronicles 2114). In the first step the movie will be in German. But we are seriously considering an English version if we sense enough demand for that. (more…)

    drivers and blockers of 21st century innovation culture

    by  • 13.08.2013

    Skilltower Institute has launched a long planned research project examining drivers and blockers of 21st century innovation culture.

    Each business operation has three main fields of activity.

    1) Business operation, where business is done and money is earned.

    2) Business optimization where processes are streamlined and

    3) Business innovation – where new business models come into being.

    Skilltower Institute focuses exclusively on the innovation part.

    If you are a truly innovative organization you may apply for participating in this project to get insights in its developments. Please use the contact details at: http://www.skilltower.com/contact-imprint/ (more…)

    German SoMoLo Dossier surpasses 1000 copies within the first two months and is ranked No. 1 Computer & Internet book

    by  • 20.02.2013

    Kindle-Version on Amazon.de: SoMoLo Cover Foto:#37591807 © Kirill Kedrinski, Fotolia.com, Font:Ethnocentric www.larabiefonts.com

    The German SoMoLo Dossier surpasses 1000 copies within the first two months and reaches top rankings during the SoMoLo Valentine campaign on Amazon.

    During the SoMoLo Valentine campaign from 14th to 18th of february 2013 the SoMoLo Dossier reached the following best results on amazon.de:

    #63 free in Kindle-Shop (German: Kostenfrei in Kindle-Shop)

    No. 1 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Computer & Internet

    No. 2 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Business & career (German: Business & Karriere)

    adding the numbers of this Amazon Kindle promotion with the other downloads and orders of the printed book today on february 19th 2013 the SoMoLo Dossier surpassed the number of 1000 copies (ebook and print) in the market.

    And this within less than two months of the first release. Those numbers show the high interest in the subject.

    For your convenience here we put the obtainment information of the dossier and the presentation together.

    Get the German and English version of the SoMoLo presentation for free at slideshare.net:


    The German Version of the Dossier can be found on Amazon.de:
    as Kindle eBook: www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00ATTLH8Q/
    as printed book: www.amazon.de/gp/product/3944218035/

    SoMoLo-Valentine-Campaign – Das SoMoLo Dossier 5 Tage lang kostenlos für Amazon Kindle

    by  • 12.02.2013

    SoMoLo Cover Foto:#37591807 © Kirill Kedrinski, Fotolia.com, Font:Ethnocentric www.larabiefonts.com(German below)
    exclusively for Amazon Kindle users we have put together an extended SoMoLo Valentine campaign. The German SoMoLo Dossier can be downloaded for free from thursday, 14th of february 2013 pacific standard time (about 8:00h+ am european winter time) until monday 18th of february 2013. A sneak preview can be found in my English SoMoLo presentation on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/josarek/somolo-the-new-big-data-multimillion-dollar-market

    Exklusiv für Amazon Kindle Nutzer bieten wir das SoMoLo Dossier für fünf Tage kostenlos an, beginnend am Do.14.Februar 2013 Pacific Standard Time (ca. 8:00h+ Mitteleuropäische Winterzeit) bis Montag den 18.Februar 2013.

    unnabhängig von dieser Aktion ist das Dossier sowohl als eBook für Amazon Kindle und als gedruckte Ausgabe im Buchhandel erhältlich.
    SoMoLo Dossier als Paperback, 76 Seiten, ISBN 978-3-944218-03-8, Preis: Euro 7,90
    SoLoLo Dossier als eBook, ISBN 978-3-944218-02-1, Amazon ASIN: B00ATTLH8Q, Preis: Euro 7,50