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    About Skilltower Institute

    Skilltower Institute Logo“Skilltower training and coaching Ltd.” was founded in 2003 with focus on personal and technological consulting, coaching and training.

    In 2011 the organization restructured into the Skilltower Institute and focused with its positioning on some key areas with a highly specialized yet visionary result.

    Skilltower Institute offers its customers guidance as on demand it business scout for game changing technologies, focusing on a few hot topics with long term disruptive potential.

    The institute is supported by the skilltower institute on demand cloud labs offering prototyping power whenever and wherever you need it as well as by a broad network of IT specialists and interdisciplinary experts from other industries e.g. Biotech, or other focus areas like strategy consulting or legal advice.

    About the founder

    Joerg Osarek, Founder of the Skilltower InstituteJoerg Osarek is IT and Management consultant for game changing technologies like cloud computing, bio inspired IT (organic computing) and HTML5 client area including 3D internet with WebGL. He is focused on IT strategy, IT architecture and IT management (with project management and interim Management up to CEO level).

    Joerg was born in 1970. He is fascinated by science fiction and mythology since the 1970s – two important drivers in our modern technosphere. Since he started 1984 with his first C64 he is an enthusiastic computer user and programmer. Since his apprenticeship at Hewlett-Packard starting 1988 he always worked in the IT industry, since 1992 in the IT consulting business. Joerg worked for small companies as well as for large global players like Oracle consulting. In 2003 he co-founded the its-people consulting companies for high quality it consulting ( http://www.its-people.de ) and led one of the daughter companies as CEO for several years. With his various skills in consulting, people development, sales and management he is author of the book: The excellency formula for consultants (German only: Die Exzellenz-Formel – Das Handwerkszeug für Berater ).

    He is also publisher of the german speaking electronic consulting newspaper www.Beraterzeitung.de .

    Joerg always adopted subjects early, e.g. the rise of the computer virus ecosphere in 1989 (see german article: http://www.beraterzeitung.de/?p=466 ) or the advent of the 3D internet in 1998 (speech at DOAG.org and article in the DOAG magazine about database generated multi user 3D worlds with VRML on oracle databases).

    Lately he was speaking and consulting on SOA (service oriented architectures), cloud computing and bio inspired IT (organic computing) as well as on leading edge client technologies offered by HTML5 and WebGL.

    Joerg is a technology sentinel from his deepest heart with a broad experience and sense for disruptive and game changing technologies.

    His five signature strenghts (according to the Gallup organization: http://www.strengthsfinder.com/ ) are:

    • focus (keeping the eyes on the target)
    • strategy
    • maximizer (top performance)
    • responsibility
    • learner (curiosity)

    He is a lateral thinker with scanner abilities ( See the book of Barbara Sher ) , a shaper and a man of action, achieving high quality results for the transformation of his customers.