• Building the world’s first independent international IT Avantgarde Network

    by  • 20.03.2012 • IT Avantgarde Network, News

    Besides an existing powerful expert and partner network built over decades Skilltower Institute is conducting an explicit network building phase from 2012 to 2015 to build the world’s first independent international IT Avantgarde Network*. It consists of four extraordinary interconnected communities focused on the mission of Skilltower Institute for their collective benefit

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    The League of eXtraordinary (IT) eXperts (LXX) consists of outstanding senior experts on the Skilltower hot topics as well as on relevant interdisciplinary subjects.

    The League of eXtraordinary Partners (LXP) consists of companies and organizations supplementing and completing the portfolio of Skilltower Institute.

    outstanding innovative Customers and key contributors are invited to the Club of eXtraordinary Customers and Contributors (CXCC) that offers additional transformative and innovative power and communication.

    An eXtraordinary Community (XC) gives and takes inspiration to help building one of the most interesting organizations of the 21st century.

    The network building process

    Members can join and leave the Skilltower Institute eXtraordinary Community (XC) easily and freely. Joining and participation will be possible over the Skilltower Institute Website as well as some social networking sites such as facebook and google+ . More details will be given when available.

    Membership of the other three networks (LXX, LXP and CXCC) requires a personal invitation from Skilltower Institute. This guarantees exclusive networks of outstanding and focused people and organizations with long term relationships in mind.

    Members of these networks have following in common:

    • They are interested in hot topics with the potential to change the rules of the markets.

    • They are interested in leading edge yet sustainable development of IT.

    • They work on visionary ideas without restrictive thinking barriers.

    • They work on the creative value side rather than on the protective or rationalizing side.

    • Their technological challenges are an inspiring area of fun and passion that moves the hearts of humans rather than just a new accounting system.

    • Their organization’s products or services help people and the society to grow and to improve our planet.

    • They are willing to break or change the rules of the game or the game itself.

    • They are interested in long term relationships and leading edge yet sustainable development of information technology.

    • They have the power to move things forward in their organization and to make a difference.

    • They strive to achieve leading edge IT business and to boldly explore new markets where no red oceans have been before. (“Blue Ocean Strategy”)

    • They share their ideas, their visions and their engagement for extraordinary projects in an open, trustworthy and respectful way.

    Skilltower Institute will inform about the progress of the network building phase on its website.

    * The term “IT Avantgarde Network” describes pretty well the character of the Skilltower Institute networks. As of 20th of March 2012 google.com / google.de states: No results found for “information technology avantgarde network”. as well as: No results found for “it avantgarde network”. Therefore it is logical that we are building the world’s first IT avantgarde network and as such it is legitimate to call it the Number One IT avantgarde network.