• Customer Benefit

    With our specialized offerings and services we are focused on some customer segments:

      • High Tech Companies / Labs organizations
      • Computer Game Industry
      • Investors & entrepreneurs
      • Governments, politicians, NGOs and international organizations like UN or EU

    Read, how they can benefit from skilltower institute

    Customer how can skilltower institute help?
    High Tech companies and Labs Organizations Situation:complexity, speed, pressure and distraction / noise can easily lead to disorientation and uncertainty for important development decisions today.Our value proposition:Skilltower institute offers strategy consulting, management consulting as well as proof of concepts with its on demand cloud labs. Todays challenges need experts and to master them which we bring in through our broad specialist network, built over decades. But that is not enough. Additionally a interdisciplinary helicopter view and networked thinking and acting have to come on top of these expert services. This is what we offer to master your 21st century challenges.Your advantage: You get confidence for your important decisions. You are enabled to develop sustainable strategies for achieving competitive advantages of your future IT business. Our focus on game changing technologies will help you optimize your time to market for new long lasting ideas. You will be ahead of competitors by creating real market innovations.
    Video Game Industry Situation:The video game industry has gone through some disruptions in its history. Now we are in another discuptive cycle caused by new standard web browser technologies (HTML5 and WebGL) as well as the era of croudsourcing and uncompared user reaction and organization possibilities supported by facebook and other platforms. The face of online browser games is changing from poor 2.5D graphics to real 3D experiences without any plugins needed.Our value proposition:We have experience with 3D graphics back to the mid 1980s. In 1998 we presented a database generated 3D world prototype using an Oracle Database and VRML. Since then we always monitored developments and have various expertise in rendering and 3D modeling. Actually we work on distributed cloud computing architectures providing interactive 3D worlds based on WebGL, e.g. with X3DOM.We can offer assistance for turning those leading edge technologies into profitable browser games. From the technical as well as from the commercial side and last but not least from the player’s and community view. On top comes a deep experience and understanding of psychological / mythological motives that touches the soul of your players and will make your game idea an irresistable magnet for gamers.Your advantage: You will be faster able to bring your ideas on a solid platform and deliver a sustainable addicting game experience to the public.
    Investors and entrepreneurs Situation:These times are difficult for investors because complexity and speed have risen to unprecedented levels. It is harder than ever before to calculate the chances and risks of a financial investment in a technological business. As well it seems to be unforeseeable what is the outcome of mergers and acquisitions of companies.Our value proposition:With a broad understanding of market laws, many years experience as entrepreneurs ourselves and independence from the large software, hardware and consulting companies we can offer you additional insights on your planned investments. Our interdisciplinary approach including business, people, technology and strategy will give you the greater picture for a safer decision.Your advantage: You win confidence in your investment decision by adding and connecting important viewpoints to your impression.
    Governments, politicians, NGOs and international organizations like UN or EU Situation:The rules in our globalized world have changed signicficantly over the past few decades and the speed is increasing. Politicians and governments bear great responsibilities nowadays. In democracies they act on a mandate of some years but their decisions have impacts over the next few decades. Complexity, lobbyism and public pressure as well as noisy distraction makes it very hard to separate right from wrong.Our value proposition:As indepentend and long term oriented organization combining high tech with the sustainability triangle (economy, ecology, social issues) we can offer valuable insights for your better decisions.Your advantage: We have a no taboo policy for thinking. From technology evaluation over communication of complex technological topics we can help you build a solid decision base for acting with long term responsibility within your mandate.