• drivers and blockers of 21st century innovation culture

    by  • 13.08.2013 • IT Avantgarde Network, News, Wisdom based Innovation

    Skilltower Institute has launched a long planned research project examining drivers and blockers of 21st century innovation culture.

    Each business operation has three main fields of activity.

    1) Business operation, where business is done and money is earned.

    2) Business optimization where processes are streamlined and

    3) Business innovation – where new business models come into being.

    Skilltower Institute focuses exclusively on the innovation part.

    If you are a truly innovative organization you may apply for participating in this project to get insights in its developments. Please use the contact details at: http://www.skilltower.com/contact-imprint/

    With the research project we aim for

    a) theory: identifying business innovation drivers and blockers – we do not only focus on the innovation process but also on the culture necessary for an innovative ecosystem.

    b) practice: generating a lot of interesting sometimes crazy business ideas by combining interdisciplinary input from various technologies (Q-GRINS*) with thoughts reaching far into the future. The latter we achieve by cooperating with the science fiction project 3futurez (www.3futurez.com) which exactly covers the next few centuries of cultural and technological development without limitations on ideas.

    c) sustainability: We combine the wildest new ideas that surpass conventions, break rules and take place in a technological singularity environment with long lasting wisdom to help our civilization mastering the 21st century and prepare for the following ones.

    (*Q-GRINS= Quantum Technology, Genetics, Robotics, Information Technology, Nano Technology, Space Technology)