• Evolutionary Bio inspired IT

    “This is a replay of an old story. The amazing, uplifting power of life itself is rooted in its ability to leverage self-replication, and now that power is being born in technology. The most powerful force in the world will become much more powerful as it gains in ability to self-generate, but this liquid dynamite presents a grand challenge in managing it.”

    from Kevin Kelly, What Technology wants, Kindle Edition, Pos 3865

    In our universe complexity is always increasing. From single atoms over complex molecules to supermolecules like DNA. From one cell over organs to bodies and societies. About 8,000 years ago complexity exploded with the start of the “Technium” as Kevin Kelly calls our technosphere. In the 20th century so many disruptive innovations hit the market in large numbers such as electricity, cars, computers, the internet or cellphones. The trend continues. IT systems are growing more complicated all the time. A small it-ecosphere developed since the late 1980s that creates and defends against many kinds of malware like computer viruses, trojan horses, worms and spyware. Complexity has become a major cost factor in it projects as well as an important threat to enterprises sucking out their agility. Many initiatives try to address this complexity problem by researching and implementing organic or autonomic it architectures that self manage, self optimize, self defend, seld explain (self-x-properties). To name some: the autonomic computing initiative of IBM (since 2001), Organic Computing – a priority research program (2006-2011) of the German Research Foundation (DFG) or various complex modern neural network projects such as the blue brain project, the china brain project or IBMs cat brain simulation (2009).

    In summary many of them develop bio inspired information technology to handle complexity autonomously, to encapsulate it and move it away from the necessity of human intervention.

    With cheaply and ubiquitiously available cloud computing power bio inspired IT has the potential to change the information technology significantly. The rules of the game are changed. Companies, economies and societies have to adopt to these new rules in order to survive and prosper in the organic computing age.

    Skilltower Institute works actively on technological concepts and management strategies for the new era of bio inspired IT.

    In November 2011 Joerg Osarek held speeches on the topic: “The Megatrand after Cloud Computing – how to survive the organic computing age” at Europe’s largest Oracle Conference DOAG (Strategy and Management Track) in Nuremberg, Germany and at the CloudConf in Munich. Details and Links to the presentation can be found here: http://www.skilltower.de/?p=80