• Future Chronicles 2114 – What message do you send 100 years into the future?

    by  • 08.11.2013 • IT Avantgarde Network, News, Wisdom based Innovation

    [German article here]
    Many organizations plan for the next quarter or next fiscal year. We plan for the next century.
    Zukunftsfinger.tv, Gordon’s Arcade and Skilltower Institute just started the 100 year time capsule for your message to the future.

    We create a 100 year website with visions and video messages for the year 2114 as well as a motion picture science fiction report looking back a century at the year 2014. We call this project Zukunftschronik-2114 (future chronicles 2114). In the first step the movie will be in German. But we are seriously considering an English version if we sense enough demand for that.

    Skilltower institute provides the technological and societal foundation with its research project: “drivers and blockers of 21st century innovation culture.” Zukunftsfinger.tv delivers the journalistic craftsmanship. Gordon’s Arcade creates the scenery of a retrospective science-fiction-report looking back from the year 2114.

    We are happy that we could give a presentation at the Biennale Frankfurt late October 2013 in the famous Frankfurt Roemer – the town hall of the city. We managed to join the last 9 finalists of the Moving Picture Innovators Contest.

    Now we enter the next stage. We start a crowdfunding campaign on Startnext.de/zukunftschronik-2114.

    Please help us by becoming a fan of our project at startnext.de. Do you also want to send an important video message into fhe future included in our motion picture science fiction report or on our website?

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    Image credits: (c) Alexander Scholz and Chuck Ian Gordon