• German SoMoLo Dossier surpasses 1000 copies within the first two months and is ranked No. 1 Computer & Internet book

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    The German SoMoLo Dossier surpasses 1000 copies within the first two months and reaches top rankings during the SoMoLo Valentine campaign on Amazon.

    During the SoMoLo Valentine campaign from 14th to 18th of february 2013 the SoMoLo Dossier reached the following best results on amazon.de:

    #63 free in Kindle-Shop (German: Kostenfrei in Kindle-Shop)

    No. 1 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Computer & Internet

    No. 2 in Kindle-Shop > eBooks > Business & career (German: Business & Karriere)

    adding the numbers of this Amazon Kindle promotion with the other downloads and orders of the printed book today on february 19th 2013 the SoMoLo Dossier surpassed the number of 1000 copies (ebook and print) in the market.

    And this within less than two months of the first release. Those numbers show the high interest in the subject.

    For your convenience here we put the obtainment information of the dossier and the presentation together.

    Get the German and English version of the SoMoLo presentation for free at slideshare.net:


    The German Version of the Dossier can be found on Amazon.de:
    as Kindle eBook: www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00ATTLH8Q/
    as printed book: www.amazon.de/gp/product/3944218035/