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    Virtual Reality Analytics – Keynote at DOAG 2015 Conference about the new Big Data discipline

    by  • 29.09.2015 • News, Virtual Reality

    ChuckHolodeckSuit.1080x1080As we already predicted end of 2012 in our SoMoLo Dossier the Big Data market grew into a multi billion dollar business.

    Now within the Virtual Reality Boom the industry is at the edge of introducing several big player VR/MR headsets like Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens, Sony Playstation VR (former project Morpheus) and the eye tracking fove ( getfove.com ) in 2016.

    This development makes clear that there will rise a new Business Intelligence discipline – Virtual Reality Analytics – with major chances and technical as well as cultural challenges for this new branch of data warehouse technology.

    Joerg Osarek, CEO of Skilltower Institute will give the BI-stream keynote titled: “Virtual Reality Analytics” at the DOAG Conference on 17th of November 2015 – 12:00 room OSLO – in Nuremberg.

    You can get some interview information (in German) at doag.org as well as the direct link to his keynote.

    Please check there for possible changes in location and schedule.