• The Megatrend after cloud computing – how to survive the organic computing age

    by  • 14.11.2011 • Bio inspired IT, Cloud Computing, News

    Joerg Osarek at the DOAG Conference 2011 in Nuremberg, GermanyAs the whole world is busy with adopting to the new paradigm of cloud computing Skilltower institute looks farther. What will be the next (or the next but one) megatrend? What challenges will it solve what new challenges will it bring with itself?

    Due to ever rising and speeding up complexity many initiatives formed to develop self maintaining, self optimizing IT architectures whether we want to call them autonomic computing (IBM since 2001) or organic computing (priority program of the German research foundation 2006-2011). There will be a complex evolutionary self developing IT world next to our classical way too complex IT legacy systems.

    With his presentation “The Megatrend after cloud computing – how to survive the organic computing age” Joerg Osarek, founder of the Skilltower Institute addresses this rising new megatrend and gives insights in our survival strategy for an IT and business world with significantly different rules.

    Joerg Osarek was speaking at the DOAG Conference on November 15th 2011 – the largest european Oracle conference in Nuremberg, Germany ( http://www.doag.org )

    as well as at the

    CloudConf on November 22nd 2011 in Munich, Germany ( http://www.cloudconf.de/ )

    The presentation held is available for free from http://www.slideshare.net/josarek/the-megatrend-after-cloud-computing