• The Virtual Reality Boom – Cinematic VR puts you inside the movie

    by  • 12.06.2015 • News, Virtual Reality

    03.Cover_CinematicVRFormulaVirtual Reality booms, especially “Cinematic VR” starts to get from an experimental stage closer to the production of real movies. Wether in 2D or in 3D immersive media like VR movies are offering the WOW effect of being inside a reality rather than just watching it from outside through a tiny window.

    There are many chances the creative VR community faces as well as many challenges of defining best practices, standards and guidelines for responsible VR storytelling and content creation.

    Skilltower Institute is involved in building cinematic VR production pipelines and helps managing the parts of VR-business, backend and automation. We help spreading know how to the VR community by supporting the book in production: “The cinematic VR Formula” (German: Die Cinematic VR Formel). Klick on the image to enlarge.

    It covers not all but many things worth knowing for producers and directors creating VR movies.

    More news can be found at:
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