• The Virtual Reality Analytics Book +++ now available +++ How VR and AR change Business Intelligence

    by  • 27.05.2016 • News, Virtual Reality

    09.Cover.VRAnalyticsFinal6x9in_600x9009 industry experts share their knowledge with you about the leading edge subject of Virtual Reality Analytics – a new branch of Business Intelligence.

    “This dossier shows the game changing mechanisms of Virtual Reality Analytics in a fascinating way.”
    says Jan Tussing, Journalist and Silicon Valley Expert.

    Way more than traditional web shop analysis technology VR analytics promises to deliver even deeper insights into the consumer’s psyche. As powerful as immersive media itself are the new possibilities of gathering behavioural user data during VR experiences and utilizing them alongside traditional data warehouse information. VR is only the first of three visual computing waves heading our direction in the next several years. It is followed by the AR wave (Augmented Reality) and then the USEMIR wave (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality). Each wave will develop it’s own kind of specialized analytics enhancing today’s Business intelligence systems. And each wave will turn what we now call Big Data into even more Gigantic Data (GiganData). This dossier is co-authored by industry experts to allow you a first deeper look into the brave new world of Virtual Reality Analytics and beyond: Carsten Frisch, Chuck Ian Gordon, Krzysztof Izdebski, Petr Legkov, Maximilian C. Maschmann, Joerg Osarek, Alexander Scholz, Frank Sommerer, Kevin Williams.

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