• Virtual Reality Analytics

    Virtual Reality Analytics is rising to become a part of state of the art business intelligence systems.VRAnalyticsCoverOnly

    Uncompared new chances and challenges are waiting along the path, some of them discussed in Joerg Osarek’s Keynote at the 2015 DOAG Conference on the subject.

    Soon you can read more about it in the dossier: “Virtual Reality Analytics” which will be released in 2016.

    Experts with various backgrounds bring their individual points of view to the table.

    Together they create a mosaic allowing insights into the future of virtual and augmented reality analytics.

    After release the VR Analytics dossier will be available as eBook and printed version:

    eBook Version: ISBN 978-3-944218-08-3
    Print Version: ISBN 978-3-944218-09-0

    Stay tuned for more news on VR Analytics or contact Skilltower Institute to get even earlier insights.


    Joerg Osarek