• Wisdom based Innovation

    With great power there must also come – – great responsibility!”

    Stan Lee 1962, Inventor of spiderman

    The farther we reach out to future technologies that change our lives the steadier should our roots be. Yes, we need bravery to boldly go where no one has gone before – in space, in science, in business and with our societies. On the other hand it would be completely unwise to dump all great achievements we worked for so hard in the past.

    We have to focus on keeping our important heritage intact including traditions that are decades and centuries old. For example nowadays a car repair garage just plugs the car into the computer which says what is possibly wrong. In many areas we have lost the knowledge how things work really. While technology advances it is important to preserve old knowledge to have it ready when one day the time comes when we need it.

    When we innovate we have to think about the consequences of our actions that arise from our manipulation of the universe in decades or centuries. We gained great power lately. We have to use it wisely for the good of actual and future generations. At the same time we must not stop the evolutionary process of progress and optimization.

    Some parts of our investments in future innovations or other projects should bring no profit today but a greater profit for future generations. Think about a world, where every generation invests in the wellfare of generations living in one, two, five centuries. Think about what results those people can get out of our investment. What results would be possible if earlier generations had done similarly for us? What results are there in our world? ( See the book Eine Billion Dollar from Andreas Eschbach (no english version available – would be a trillion dollars)

    Skilltower Institute is observing and evaluating long term projects and ideas worth supporting.